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Best Value

Yearly Subscription - Gold Tier

206 US$


Cada año

Personal messages from Leanna, surprise gifts, exclusive content, priority access and more

Válido hasta que se cancele

Monthly Subscription - Silver Tier

19 US$


Cada mes

Get exclusive Leanna's behind-the-scenes, forum access, and merchandise discounts!"

Válido hasta que se cancele

what you'll get?

 Yearly Subscription - Gold Tier

“Unravel the Experience - A Year at a Time!”


Description: The Yearly Subscription provides you with a long-term, comprehensive fan experience. With this plan, not only will you receive a personal video message from Leanna once a month and a yearly surprise gift personally signed by Leanna, but you'll also get an exclusive look into Leanna's life through behind-the-scenes content. Additionally, you will have priority access to any new exclusive content, access to the member-only forum, and exclusive merchandise discounts. Welcome to the Gold Tier experience!




Members Pages:

 1. Welcome Page: The gateway to your exclusive membership.

 2. Monthly Personal Video Message Page: Each month, find a new personal video message from Leanna here.

 3. Yearly Surprise Gift Page: Each year, Leanna will send a surprise gift. Details will be announced on this page.

 4. Behind-The-Scenes Page: Exclusive look into Leanna's daily life and latest photoshoots and videos.

 5. Priority Access Page: Early access to new exclusive content.

 6. Members-Only Forum Page: Join in discussions and connect with other fans.

 7. Merchandise Discount Page: Exclusive discounts on Leanna's merchandise.




Monthly Subscription - Silver Tier

“Every Month, a New Surprise!”


 With our Monthly Subscription, you'll get exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Leanna's daily life and the latest photoshoots and videos, access to a members-only forum where you can interact with other fans, and merchandise discounts. It's the perfect plan for fans looking to stay in touch and enjoy regular updates from Leanna.




Members Pages:

  1. Welcome Page: Begin your monthly membership journey here.

  2. Behind-The-Scenes Page: Exclusive look into Leanna's daily life and latest photoshoots and videos.

  3. Members-Only Forum Page: Discuss and connect with fellow fans.

  4. Merchandise Discount Page: Get discounts on all your favorite Leanna merchandise.

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